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Following her dream of news and glory

Marie Jane Cathcart gets air time on her last day as a KTLA News morning intern.

Marie Jane Cathcart gets air time on her last day as a KTLA News morning intern.

Here I sit at the computer, one month after my niece’s college graduation. Marie Jane Cathcart received her diploma in journalism from my alma mater, Cal State University, Long Beach.

Her paternal grandparents flew in from Florida for the graduation ceremony. The rest of the family made a short drive to Long Beach. And yes, I did pull rank and use my GVN press pass to waltz onto the graduating field to get my photos.

After Marie completed a successful four years at Bishop Montgomery High, the family, both sides, hoped she would pursue a business major. She almost did but found it to be a false step. Marie promptly switched to communications/journalism and never looked back.

She completed a morning internship at KTLA News weeks before graduating. On her final day of running copy here and there, and whatever interns do, she got an opportunity to step in front of the camera. The accompanying photo shows Marie sharing a laugh “on air” with morning sports personality, Henry DiCarlo.

This niece of mine has come a long way. In 1991 when she was about a year old, Marie won a KABC “AM L.A.” baby contest. Steve Edwards and Tawny Little were the hosts, and Marie and other babies were paraded around the studio set. Viewers cast their votes and Marie was a star. Among her winnings was a ton of baby food and contract with some modeling/acting agency. The latter went nowhere, but it was fun to dream.

And so, Marie has bid farewell to the world of academia. I’m not sure if she has thoughts of chasing a post-graduate degree. She might have a chance in front of the camera, but prefers working behind the scenes. Time will tell where all of this leads, but she proceeds with no regrets.