Gardena getting its share of popular eateries

yogurtland photoGardena Marketplace (at the northeast corner of Western Avenue and Artesia Boulevard) seems to be the new hotbed for hot and trendy eateries. Chipotle and Yogurtland now occupy the space of the former Blockbuster Video store.

I occasionally rented movies from the old Blockbuster, but with the movement toward streaming movies, my DVD player is going the way of my VCR.

Eating frozen yogurt, however, remains a star on my weekly, if not daily, to-do-list.

I have to admit that I can’t get enough of Yogurtland’s build-your-own yogurt cups. For those unfamiliar, it’s the equivalent of a buffet-style restaurant. You pick your cup, move down the line, choose your flavor of yogurt, continue down the line, and select your toppings. By this time you’ve hit the weigh station.

You pay according to weight.

Don’t take my word for it, just Yelp Gardena Yogurtland and see what’s trending.

But the big news at the Market Place is that fast-food burger joints will be cranked up by year’s end.

Burger King at the southeast end of the center has gone, if anybody cares. In its place will (hopefully) come an In-N-Out Burger, for those who can’t get enough of its double-doubles and fresh-cut fries.  I’ve got to admit, it has a cult-like lore.

When I was a bit younger, there was only the Carson Street In-N-Out. Then came the Crenshaw Crossroads restaurant, and the Redondo Beach site. Within the last two years, the In-N-Out revived the Old Towne Mall (yeah, I still call it that) in Torrance.

I have to qualify this by saying as of late August 2013, it’s not official that In-N-Out Gardena is a done deal. Some neighboring businesses in that area, eateries namely, have voice their opposition . And the In-N-Out people will only confirm that they are giving Gardena “consideration.”

So, love it or leave it, the menu is ever changing. Bon appétit.

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