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Candidates Forum: say what?

CandidatesPolitical forums are not the same as political debates. Forums seem to be designed to give candidates an opportunity to say how much or how little they know about a topic without any consequences.

Debates employ a fair amount of verbal sparring among the hopefuls and the hopeless. Verbal sparring leads to confrontation—which leads to digging, probing, consistency, and some measure of accountability.

Last month’s forum at the Nakaoka Community Center featured five council candidates (including an incumbent), two mayoral challengers — the sitting mayor sat this one out, and two city clerk challengers. Each office had their own set of questions, taken from the audience.

The issue I have with this format is that there were too many questions directed at individual candidate.  Questions should be open to all. Being an informed voter means knowing how candidates respond to one issue, so we can compare and contrast.

I’m hoping the Feb. 21 Candidates Forum at Rowley Park